Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sweet Surrender

Je voudrais un bonbon, s'il vous plaƮt
Major craving of a shopping spree was delayed...
 But these French Macaroons make for a delightful alternative!
My ultimate weakness, keep in mind for future celebrations!
So indecisive on choosing one flavor, I sampled them all...
The vanilla latte made for a nice balance and palette cleanser between flavors.
*From left to right*
Top Row:

Middle Row:
Green tea

Bottom Row:
Pistachio nut
Hazelnut 2
Coconut 2

This little “Layer Cake Bakery” is where I went to indulge in my favorite treats
***** They get a five star from me!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

It is now the beginning of a new month, and one of the busiest months of all, December. With the holiday season on the horizon, I decided to make a list of things to remember during this crazy, chaotic, mess of a month.

5 Must Remember’s 
                       for the month of
1. Instant Chic
* “Blazers are the must have new cover-up they show off your shape and add a luxe feel to even you most worn in pair of skinnies"*
December 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan
*Pg. 44
2. Bring a little fire, and get in red!
This holiday season both Cosmopolitan & Glamour are promoting “Red hott” as “Winters most wanted hue” 
(Both December 2011 issues
Left: Cosmopolitan’s “Fire it Up!”  on pg. 75 &  Right: Glamour’s “Get it in Red” on pg. 102)

3. Glitter to the Rescue
I’m sure with all the shopping and gift buying, everyone is having a hard time keeping up with their usual routines, and for some that includes primping and pampering those nails. 
Don’t fret ladies, cover up that week old chipped polish fast and add a coat or two of glitter, not only will it add a little bit of sparkle and dazzle, but it will help camouflage those unwanted chips. (Advice from Cosmopolitan, “10 Things You'll Learn in December Cosmo.”

4. Camouflage those nail chips, but stand out in bold prints!
I am definitely not one to stand out with an outrageous statement, and as much as I hate to say it, animal prints are definitely “in” right now, so add a touch here and there... But be careful don’t turn into a beast. 
5. A girl can always dream 
& last certainly not least, a girl can always dream, maybe someday... ask and you shall receive, you never know when that certain someone may pop the question. 

That’s all for now, I hope you all enjoyed!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Hi All, I have started my blog and have been posting lost of new blogs... 
so even though I am still in the process of starting my blog I decided to publish it!

As you know if you read my blog I recently I have been extremely focused on improving my health and image. Here is one of my absolute favorite recipes with step by step instructions.
1 Bag of fresh carrots
6 apples (Any kind, green apples add a bit more tang and red apples if you prefer it sweater)
1 piece of ginger root (1-2in. long)
1 Apple Dicer

  Step 1: 
Wash all of your ingredients really well, 
you don’t want to get that icky pesticide
 taste or any bugs in your juice!

  Step 2: 
After cutting off the ends of the carrots, 
carefully slice each carrot in halves or quarters,
so that they fit in the juicer. 
Also with an apple slicer, 
divide all 6 apples into slivers.

  Step 3: 
Once you have all of the ingredients diced into pieces, 
start with your carrots and push into the juicer to be juiced. 
The juicer automatically separates the juice apart from the excess.

*** Be careful when juicing, 
Make sure you use the juicer’s wand to push 
your carrots, apples, and ginger into the blade, 
you don’t want to accidentally chop off any fingers. 
Also make sure the cup is catching the juice 
and not going all over the place***

  Step 4:
 Mix the three juices together,
 stir until all is mixed, and chill in the refrigerator! 

  Step 5: 

This Ginger Apple Carrot Juice goes quite well with a small snack. It is also very HEALTHY. 
The Carrots in the juice have keratin in them which helps restore skin cells and hair follicles. This helps improve damaged hair and restores split ends to their natural healthy state. Research suggests that apples may reduce the risk of cancer. Compared to many other fruits and vegetables, apples contain relatively low amounts of vitamin C, but are a rich source of other antioxidants. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Fall & Winter Trends 2011

Here are some of my favorite fall trends this year ...
..Brown/Tan mimicked “English riding” boots,
oversized sweaters, 
leg warmers, 
classic white men’s button up,  
& of coarse... 
a pleather bag

Just feelin’ like nailn’ it this week

This weekend was absolutely AMAZING...
Kicked it off with Thanksgiving dinner with one of my bestie’s Stephania Hochstrasser & her family,
followed by an extravagant shopping spree with many Black Thursday/Friday fabulous deals **First year I have ever started shopping at 12 am and stayed until 4 am all at one store :o 
(Proof of my shopping spree time)
Since my weekend was so AWESOME I wanted to continue the happiness this week with a classy nail polish with a bit of sparkle*

I used Essie’s “Sand Tropez” and added a bit of glam with Forever 21 Love&Beauty’s “Gold” on the ring finger, cheers to a glitz and glam week ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What a fantastic fall meal, 
Loaded Potato soup with potatoes, 
bacon, onions, and cheese.
Hot Apple Cider

And to finish it off...
Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies